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If you're not ready (or can't afford) long-term intensive business coaching yet, but you need a quick hit of help... like... yesterday... Business Cheerleader is for you.

Do you know it's time to make changes your business, but you're not where to start or what to prioritize? Are you struggling with not enough time, or a sense of burnout, or wondering what's next? Do you desperately want to talk to someone who's been there and done that? Do you want a mentor who says "oh, I knew who can help" and then puts in a call on your behalf? Are you ready to just... feel less alone in all this?

Is it time to make some 'fuck you' money?

Let's do this. 

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A 2-hour deep dive into your business, with your #1 cheerleader

“Genius, rebel, entrepreneurial trailblazer,
and mentor extraordinaire.”

—Caitlin Daniel, The Brave Girl Collective


We all have hidden superpowers. You can spot them in the moments you feel truly in flow. In the things that people tell you that nobody else does quite like you.

Those superpowers are the secret to building a business you love. Discover yours.

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