Woman owned businesses should be making more money.

Full Stop.

When women make more money, they have agency and control over their lives. They make cool shit. They invest in other women.

But women owned businesses make significantly less money, get just a tiny fraction of investment money, and have far less access to mentorship, and skill development. We aim to change that.

We provide experience based mentorship, skill building, and supportive community to help you grow your business and career.

Our Why

Our Goal:

After that: The sky is the limit

To help women build and scale their businesses to $250K/year

Women owned businesses that crack the $250K/year mark are able to add employees and scale revenue faster. Our goal is to help more women get there.


How much more male owned businesses make than women owned


Percentage of women owned businesses that break the $1M/yr mark


The amount of Venture Capital that goes to women owned businesses


Percentage of women owned businesses that make less than $100K/year

Women Should Be Making More Money

90% of Women Owned Businesses generate less than $100K A Year.

Women owned firms generate and average annual revenue of $143K, while male owned firms average annual revenue is a whopping $752K.

Businesses run by women are almost entirely self funded, and as a result, female founders often lack access to mentorship and educational networks.

Women suffer from a confidence gap, with half of them experiancing career self-doubt, vs. only on third of Men.

In the US, women hold just 31% of senior leadership positions, while only 4.9% of Fortune 500 CEO's are women.

63% of women have never had a business mentor.

Let's do
the numbers...

Sources: 2018 State of Women-Owned Business Report by American Express | US Census Bureau Survey of Business Owners & CNBC | SCORE & "Tackling the Gender Gap; What women Entrepreneurs Need To Thrive" published by the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship | Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) U.S. Report by Babson College and Baruch College | The Confidence Gap, The Atlantic | McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace 2019 | Center For American Progress Women’s Initative | Women and Mentors by SHRM |Source below: SCORE & "Tackling the Gender Gap; What Women Entrepreneurs Need To Thrive" published by the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship | Women and Mentors by SHRM

Mentored Women Are More Successful On Every Metric

What We Teach

How to build a business that lights you up.

Because what is the point of being successful if you hate the work that you do? The goal isn’t simply to build a successful career or business, but to find the work you’re meant to do.

How to run a sustainable business

Life is a long game. Business is a long game. 96% of companies fail in the first ten years. The average American worker now stays with one company for just 4 years. We’re here to help you figure out how to build a career that will grow, sustain you, and help you leave a meaningful legacy.

How to make good money (and feel great about it).

Do you know that Beyoncé isn't washing her dishes. She’s hired someone to do that and empowered them with a good job, so she can do her work, and make money. When you think about it that way, do you want Bey to spend her time washing dishes, or do you want her to create the next Homecoming (and with it, more good jobs)? And if you want that for Beyoncé, can you want that for yourself and your own community?

The Sovereign Queens Club

Look out old Boys club, Here Comes...



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