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Meg Keene has a 13+ year history of running online businesses. She founded a top online wedding website and brand, A Practical Wedding, as a Blogspot on her kitchen table in 2008 and grew it into one of the largest online wedding publications. She’s also run a feminist summer camp for grown-ass women and helped design a collection of plus-size wedding dresses that was featured in Vogue Business.

She’s a Creative Director whose work has been featured in Ad Week, an SEO and digital marketing specialist, and deeply believes in the power of women making money.

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Meg is a force. Meg takes her leadership skills and applies them, by motivating entrepreneurs to tap into their best selves.

— Priscilla Vega, Owner, PR Vega


We all have hidden superpowers. You can spot them in the moments you feel truly in flow. In the things that people tell you that nobody else does quite like you.

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